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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the home page of Lindquist Systems, Inc., a small enterprise that I formed in 1995.

As a semi-retired physicist/software engineer, my current activities include some software (app) development, some research and development activities (primarily imaging-related), and some nature studies, from both a photographer's and scientist's perspective.

In the area of software and app development, I recently developed a morphing application, x2yMorph, for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

In the R & D area, I've developed algorithms and software for applications including 3-D medical imaging and machine vision. I have also done some preliminary work on solar energy reflectors.

Much of my photography and videography has been of nature, ranging from the very large (such as the Glacier Park panorama seen below) to the very small (such as a variety of "bugs on flowers").

If you see something interesting here that you might like to discuss, let me know!


- Thomas R. (Tom) Lindquist